Walking in Their Footsteps While Creating My Own

Forty miles along rough, unforgiving terrain, paired with unpredictable weather had my body in tatters. To think that it was a normal day for my ancestors makes me feel weak, but also makes me feel a part of a strong history that challenges me to push myself further.

I was able to fully envelop myself in the rich history and culture surrounding the Canol, and I also found myself connecting with people in unexpected ways. With no phone to distract me, I found myself completely enamoured with people’s stories. I did not step out of my comfort zone, because in those moments of forging those connections, I couldn’t help but feel my comfort zone expand. I left the Canol Trail feeling more confident, with more individual strength, and with nothing but fond memories to look back on. Either because my ancestors walked this trail, or because as humans we simply feel at peace here, the land felt like home.

During the six days I spent hiking with this amazing group of people, I felt not only connections with the people in front of me, along with those who stood where I had, but I felt in tune with nature. I appreciated every hill, the mist-kissed mountain tops, the sound of a single bird singing, and the sight of a caribou on our first morning on the trail. To leave that first landing area, and to enter a world unbeknownst to me to was the most exhilarating feeling



I was not prepared for the feeling that I had when I saw the open canyon, a rainy mist being torn into by a ray of light, and turning to see my colleagues and friends smiling. In that moment I knew that this would be something different, something that I would remember for the rest of my life.

Written By: Jordan Lennie
Trails in Tandem Team Member
2017 Canol Youth Leadership Hike Participant

Team Trails in Tandem